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Monitor Website Ranking via Google Rank Checker

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How to Use SEO Web Analyst®™ Google Rank Checker.

POST UPDATE :- The Google Rank Checker has been moved into the SEO MANAGER TAB, and has been improved on. Kindly visit the SEO MANAGER Tab (premium users feature) and monitor your Google Local Rankings from there. Thanks Courteously SEO Web Analyst®™ Team.

This post is designed to illustrate to premium users of SEO Web Analyst®™, how to use SEO Web Analyst®™ Google Rank Checker dashboard to monitor their website ranking on their respective Google's local url.

There are tons of automated Search Engine Ranking Monitor tools out there, but what makes ours more unique is our 100% accuracy to be able to update your Google ranking report with current SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), on any local Google url or country TLD.

Firstly when you log into your SEO Web Analyst®™ marketing platform and clicked on the Google Rank Tab, you will see the image shown below on your browser.


You are expected to create a Group, which represent the SEO project you are monitoring SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) on any given Google's local url of your choice, ie. or or etc.

Click on the NEW GROUP to begin the steps, enter in the forms, Group name; The name of your website, Keywords;The Two or Three phrase keywords you want to monitor ( a minimum of 5 keywords would be advisable as the keyword form will only accept 200 maximum characters), and finally The Domain ie

Please do note that even if the keyword you are checking for; the ranking might be on a subdomain or inner page eg or, the only thing you need to input in this form is your main domain name like our SERP Google Ranking Checker will get the urls of the site ranking for these keywords.

Finally you need to click on the Google module to open a drop down of forms which you only need to fill the Google TLD, and the city you want to monitor your keywords on. After inputting the right values you can now click n the save button.


Next on the line is the OPTION button, please do read the ATTENTION! message and follow the description, as you are only required to scroll down to fill out your respective Google TLD or country url you want to monitor your website ranking on.

After you have successfully created a group, you will need to click on the Group button drop down and in there you will see the group name you have just created associated with the keywords you want to monitor its web ranking.


Please Note; that you can only create 3 groups and only limited to one Google rank checker per week, This means that you can only run a Google rank checker once in a week for each of your groups created.

Now after a successful scan you will find a table that separates your positive, negative and unchanged ranking for respective domains you have decided to check for web ranking on Google.

Below this we have SERP FLUCTUATION bar chart, this bar chart showcases the algorithm updates executed by Google and you can relate with them as they affect your Google ranking.


In most scenarios the SERP FLUCTUATION are base on Google trying to reposition the web ranking of sites, eg placing a site formerly on 4th position to 3rd and vice versa.

These are normal scenarios and should not raise a red flag, but the only time such scenarios can be tagged serious is when your Google ranking drops drastically from 3rd position to 6th, and you have a red bar on the SERP FLUCTUATION CHART, that denotes your SEO WORK is in need of urgent attention and you can easily track back the last activity executed via the Event entries.

You might suggest why we decide to run our scan once in a week, this is simple as we believe in best practice when executing SEO and do not believe in over optimization, since its a logic thing for people to always want to see result in a flash with SEO, we have decided to provide restrictions that will enable our users to execute professional SEO work that will guarantee them better site ranking using the Google ranking checker tool.

By not abusing and the unnecessary excessive use of Google rank checker, we not only preserve the quality of SERPs results displayed to users, but also provide a more realistic game plan for users to track their SEO activities while using the ranking tables as a yard stick to measure their SEO performance.


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