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Get Paid To Write:Writing For Money

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How To Make Money Writing:Write Articles For Money.

Article writing is something that is of a premedieval technique and one of the most oldest developments of early men. Writing articles for money is just one of the many ways you can make money writing online apart from blogging, freelancing, content auditor, etc. There are lots of websites online that you can get paid to write, your journal, your experience, a diary, a scrap book, etc.

In today's post I will be sharing with you how to make money writing using some of this unique websites, and also save you the headache of searching for list of article sites to get paid to write articles online.


When it comes to sites that allows you to write articles for money, you will need highly established sites with a larger readership base, credibility, and high potential payments. Each of these sites have different payment structure, some are performance based revenue sharing, some pay you upfront for your content, and others pay you per sale of your articles.
I have listed the payment structure and a short review of each site covering the more important details of the website and how it is structured.
Before discrediting a website because of low payment or because payment is based on revenue sharing, reconsider the merits of using them:

  • Leverage the current traffic of these sites for potentially massive exposure to your name and possible your websites (for those that allow links)
  • Gain credibility to your name or brand, especially if your content is accepted into sites that have higher application standards and reputability
  • Syndicate your content across multiple sites that require non-exclusive rights (and several of these do).
  • Make money writing online while improving your writing skills by learning how to write for a network that requires far higher standards than many article directories.
  • Use the analytics of these sites to test out different writing techniques and topics faster than a new website.
  • For service providers: gain more clients through social networking on these sites, a readership base interested in your services, and a detailed author bio.
  • For freelance writers: and add high quality samples to your resume and gain credibility to justify higher prices for your services.
  • For entrepreneurs not interested in writing: have an almost endless source of high quality writers, see their samples up front, and hire them for projects.

There are many more benefits to article writing, the fact that these sites do offer some type of compensation is even more incentive for you to use them. And, when it comes to compensation, some of these sites have the potential to earn substantial revenue from the sale of content, particularly the sites that purchase exclusive content upfront or list content for sale.

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15 Top Sites To Get Paid To Write.

1.) About
Payment Structure: Monthly stipend along with performance based revenue (varies)
Rights Granted To Site: Exclusive, perpetual license, while the author retains some copyrights.
Application Link:
Review: is a website where experts called “Guides” share information on their particular field of knowledge. There are over 2 million articles on on a wide variety of topics, and it is one of the most widely read sites in the world. guides go through a semi-rigorous application. If they are accepted, they receive a monthly stipend along with performance based payments.
Although this site may not be an option for several freelancers, if you are accepted into their writer's program, you will gain a lot of credibility and be able to build a large readership base. hires for particular topics, so you will have to check if your area of expertise is being hired before applying.


2.) Article Sale
Payment Structure: Per sale
Rights Granted To Site: Exclusive
Application Link:
Review: Article sale is similar to Constant Content. It accepts international applicants and is a marketplace for articles that you determine the price of. Article sale is unique in that it does not take any fee for the transaction, thus making it an attractive choice for article marketers.
Article sale does not get as many visitors as Constant Content yet, but it still makes sense to list content for sale here, as there is no listing fee.


3.) Constant Content
Payment Structure: Per Sale (You choose the price)
Rights Granted To Site: Varies by author choice
Application Link:
Review: Constant Content is a very versatile content sharing website that allows you to submit content with three different levels of rights discussed more in detail here:
Constant Content allows you to upload an unlimited number of articles for sale and you get to determine the price for the content.
The site does not allow search engine indexing of the content, so there are no worries of someone stealing your content without paying.
It does allow a short snippet of each article to let clients know what they are going to buy. Constant Content is a great option for writers who have articles they have not published sitting around and for those who want more control over the price of their content.


4.) Consumer Search
Payment Structure: Per Review ($350 minimum per review)
Rights Granted To Site: Complete copyright
Application Link:

Review: publishes unbiased reviews of a wide variety of products. Consumer Search hires writers to write reviews on particular products.
There is an application process that requires a person write a lengthy review of one product, but if you are accepted into their writers program, the pay is substantial at at least $350 per report, and potentially more. Each report is time consuming, but you are well compensated for the time it takes to write one.
Reports are subject to editing and reviews by editors, and the copyright belongs to after payment is submitted to you. The site may or may not use your report, but you will be paid regardless of that.
Almost every physical product category imaginable is available on Consumer Search, so if you are interested in a particular type of product, you might consider applying as a review writer.


5.) Studios

Link: (formerly Demand studios)
Payment Structure: Upfront (varies)
Rights Granted To Site: Exclusive (See section #4 of the contributor's agreement here  : for more detail)
Application Link:
Review: Demand Studios has a challenging application process. At the moment, only United States residents are accepted as applicants.
To date Demand Studios has paid over 15 million dollars to its writers. Demand Studios pays upfront for content. Payment amount varies on the type of work.
Generally payment is higher than many sites. Getting hired at Demand Studios requires a few high quality samples preferably published at related sites like eHow or Helium (nolonger in existance).
Demand studios owns several content websites with large readership bases including,,, and more.
It is an excellent vehicle to not only make a fair amount of money but to also promote your writing on a very large network.
Demand Studios also hires copyeditors from the United States.


6.)Digital Journal
Payment Structure: Performance Based Revenue Sharing (with bonuses for original news stories and for other types of content. More information here:
Rights Granted To Site: Non-exclusive with certain rights (Part 7 of the website's terms:
Application Link: (click on the login)
Review: Digital Journal is very similar to in its purpose. Digital Journal started paying writers in 2006 for original news stories and other types of content. It is a “citizen journalism” website, or alternative news network for stories that mainstream media may not cover.

Digital Journal will hire from almost every major country in the world. It also accepts videos and pictures as content. Also, opinion pieces are accepted along with original news stories, although original news stories get higher earnings on the site.


7.) eHow
Payment Structure: Performance Based (Per 1000 views, varies based on category)
Rights Granted To Site: Nonexclusive. Scroll to #5 on the terms for more detail:
Application Link:
Review: eHow is a high traffic tutorials website. Application is limited to American citizens. eHow’s payment structure is based on the number of views your article receives and the category it is in.

Payment is for every 1000 views, and may change depending on the category and popularity of the topic. eHow authors retain the rights to their content and grant eHow non-exclusive rights which are discussed in the terms of service. eHow's high traffic offers great exposures for freelance writers. As an income source it may not be as worthwhile, but a few high traffic articles can get a lot of name or brand recognition.


8.) Examiner
Payment Structure: Performance Based (page views, unique visitors, session length, and ad performance)
Rights Granted To Site: Nonexclusive with some details defined here: “an irrevocable, nonexclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, transferrable, sublicensable, worldwide license to copy, reproduce, modify, publish, display, distribute publicly, perform, exploit, and prepare derivative works of such User Content (including your name, image, likeness, or information you have made publicly available in connection therewith) in any manner, media or format now existing or hereafter devised, without any obligation of notice, attribution or compensation to you." From (Part 9)
Application Link: 
Review: is currently limited to US and Canadian applicants, however it claims to be growing a presence in Australia and a few other countries. is a new (April 2008) web based local news source for 100 major U.S. cities and select markets from Canada and other countries.'s growth in the past year has been nothing short of explosive. As of 11-8-09 it is ranked in the top 500 websites in the world for traffic and is growing at a rapid rate.
If you qualify as a writer for (there is a criminal background check for applicants), there is a very good chance that your content will be seen by a lot of people.
There are several topics to choose to write about, and there are plenty of open “positions” or subjects that have not been written about in particular areas. Also, pictures and video are highly recommended to gain more views to your content.


9.) Ground Report
Payment Structure: Performance based 
Rights Granted To Site: Non-exclusive, with your choice of Creative Commons licenses read more herer
Application Link:
Review: Ground Report is referred to as a “citizen news portal.” It is similar to in that local amateur or professional journalists cover a wide range of news stories and submit them to the site. There is an undisclosed revenue sharing potential with this site, along with the ability to promote stories about local businesses (even your own business).
Your stories are voted to the front page by other users on the site, and they can post comments on your stories, so there's also the opportunity for a little social networking.


10.) Hubpages
Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing (60% of Adsense, 100% of eBay and Amazon affiliate sales)
Rights Granted To Site: None or Non-Exclusive
Application Link:
Review: Hubpages is similar to Squidoo in that it offers “hubs” which are similar to lenses in that there are two ways to earn revenue, from affiliate or personal links, and eBay and Amazon affiliate sales.

Hubpages has a social network similar to Squidoo where users can rate each others' hubs and post comments. Hubs are expected to be longer than a short article, and to go into a fair amount of depth about the topic at hand. Generally, 900-1000+ word hubs are a safe bet for minimum length.
Hubpages generally has stricter content regulations. Many internet marketing topics that relate to digital products are not allowed. Hubpages has a similar level of traffic as Squidoo, and it is a great option for those who would like to get more name recognition and make a bit of money while doing so.


11.) Life Tips
Payment Structure: Performance Based and Per Sale (explained below)
Rights Granted To Site: It depends. Any content created for through their “guru program” are property of, but tips created for the application process and for your profile are your content.

Application Link:
Review: Life Tips is a content website that focuses on high quality content written by experts on a particular subject called “gurus.” Gurus publish “tips” which are short pieces of advice or opinions by gurus on their subject of expertise.
There is an application process and it is selective. The process requires 3 sample tips, a resume, and other information. If you are accepted, you can write a book of 101 tips and have it physically published by
The book is $9.99 and you would receive $2.00 for every book sold, which is one way to earn money on the site. Also, you would make 20% advertising revenue from any ads clicked onlyour personal site that would give you.


12.) Text Broker
Payment Structure: Per Assignment. Varies from (0.10 per word to 0.67 per word)
Rights Granted To Site: Exclusive
Application Link:
Review: Textbroker is a marketplace for clients looking to hire article writers. Textbroker accepts U.S. citizens and residents as writers, although it claims to be working on a solution for global writers. It is a great place for a U.S. based freelance writer to get some experience and work.
The application process requires a sample, after which the author is rated from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being professional quality and 1 star being the lowest quality. Textbroker also offers writers the option to receive direct orders from clients who like the writer's particular style.


13.) Wizzley

Payment Structure: Varies
Rights Granted To Site:
Application Link :

Writing on Wizzley can earn you money in a few different ways. Besides earning from Google AdSense, you can show related products sold on Amazon in your article, and you will receive a commission if one of the products is sold through the writing your article.

They even allow you to use pictures for sale from AllPosters, and if they get sold from the click of your article, you get a share of the earnings. Other similar ways to earn commission include Zazzle and Chitika.


14.) JustAnswer


Payment Structure: Per post

Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified

Application Link: (require to fill a form)

Review: is an expert website where you get to ask expert questions,started in 2003 justanswer has grown to over 10, 000 experts from 196 countries. They do have a strict rule for accepting applicants and you must meet some of this hrudles Professional verification (Such as a diploma, state license, or certification), Personal identification (Such as Social Security number or passport number) and Resume (optional).

Applying consist of 4 steps


Select your Category
Start by finding and selecting your category. Apply to as many categories as you like.


Submit your information
Upload a resume or enter your personal information, work history, and education.


Complete subject-matter test
To verify your expertise, we require a short subject-matter test.


Submit professional credentials
Requirements vary by category. Start the application to learn more.

Once approved, you can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, top experts earn $1000s each month helping customers solve everyday issues. You can join them if you fall under any of the category (you can apply for more than one category).


15.) Scribd


Payment Structure: Varies

Copyrights Granted To Site: Unspecified in terms:

Application Link:

Review: Scribd is a digital library and e-book, audiobook and comic book subscription service that includes one million titles. In addition, Scribd hosts 60 million documents on its open publishing platform.

Scribd is quite a unique place to start off selling credible e-books or write ups, as they offer many options to sell your writing materials in different formats. They do have a certain commission fee of 20% on every sales you make and then deducts a $0.25 (25¢) transaction fee from your net revenue for the purchase as a processing fee, Your earnings can be collect via PayPal or check, any one that is suitable to you.

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